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I've trained working border collies for over 14 years and trialed in USBCHA, WCDA and AHBA events. My partner, Mike Franklin and I work dogs in Calico Basin, Nevada. This blog is solely for the purpose of sharing my love of working border collies. I do not have stud service or puppies available. Please contact me at smokinjbc@msn.com and I will be happy to share my recommended working breeders. If you are interested in teaching your dog to be a sheepdog in the Southern Nevada area, please feel free to contact me.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Good Morning's Work

This morning was as nice a day to work dogs as we can expect for a long, long time. So we took advantage of the cooler temperatures and got up early to work dogs out in the desert.

Mike & Brice usually get stuck with the long walk from the barn about 3/4 mile down the road and into the BLM area where we work our dogs. These pics show Mike this morning, suiting up for the walk. He likes to bring his old army water bag for the dogs, that's that green thing on his back. Then he can pretend he's back doing field work in Germany for the Army AND work his dog. Once he's set, Brice takes control and they start their hike. Jane, Jet and I get to follow in the truck (someone has to bring the ice box).

Jane and Jet waiting patiently for the sheep to arrive. Jet is squinting because the morning sun is BRIGHT, but luckily we had some moisture move in and a nice breeze so the temp did not go far above 80 degrees. Next week, I doubt we will be so lucky.

Jet has been doing so well this week, we had a rough day a week or so ago but once we got over that hump, she's starting to open her flanks up and listen well. Here I'm asking her to come into the sheep, she is a little more relaxed and not so much WHEEEE! now.

For some reason, her driving side of her brain was in top shape today, she did some short drives and she did not get too flanky or bust through her sheep. This was a good group to work because they would move off all of the dogs but not stop/start all the time. They are nice and fit too, even the twin lambs kept up well.

I planned to get pics of all the dogs working. I seem to have a curse on the camera whenever I need a pic of Brice. But he did some really nice outruns and drives and as always, helped cover for the younger dog when we got a little braver about outrun length. Jane helped bring the sheep off the hill and Brice took over and brought them home again.

We all had a good time, even the sheep seemed to appreciate the spring grass and didn't mind the outing.