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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deltabluez Jet..future of Smokin J Border Collies

In November, 2007, Deltabluez Jet joined Smokin J Border Collies. She arrived full of spunk and confidence in herself. Even a bout of Parvo, which scared us all over Christmas 2007, did not slow her down. Jet wanted to work sheep from 10 weeks of age when I introduced her to my puppy sheep. A few months later, I started working her a little more seriously. She started out looking like this....

But, we managed to get her looking a little less like a land shark...

Needless to say, my sheep were not amused, land shark or not.

Jet has come a long way, and while she still runs a little hot-headed, she is showing a good amount of power and more than enough push. She learns very quickly (good and bad things)- she is outrunning now to about 250 yards and started driving. My older sheep, who think they can outrun most dogs if they are clever about it, have learned that they cannot outrun fast little Jet.

I ran Jet in her first dog trial at Snowbirds-On-The Border in Campo, Ca in the Ranch class. We retired early but my main goal of getting her out to her sheep in a new place and having her listen well to me were accomplished. At only 1 year of age, she has a long way to go but I'm thrilled with how far she has already come. This is a short clip- nothing spectacular, but at least we are not terrorizing sheep anymore (at least, most of the time..)

The pic below is from our lamb docking adventure last spring. Jet was too young to help that day, but she made the most of it by snacking on lamb nuts and trying to make her way back to camp. Luckily, she remembered what the "that'll do" command meant right before I had to resort to getting in the ranch truck and heading down the road after her.

Jet's progress will be reported on this blog occasionally. Our newest update is that Jet got to work "real" sheep this week- sheep that had never been worked by a dog before. They were Suffolk crosses and would challenge a dog. Jet dug right into them, pulled them off the fence and never thought once that she should be afraid. I'm very excited to see how she turns out, although she wears my patience down with her pushiness, I know that her work ethic and strong attitude will make her into a great partner.

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