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I've trained working border collies for over 14 years and trialed in USBCHA, WCDA and AHBA events. My partner, Mike Franklin and I work dogs in Calico Basin, Nevada. This blog is solely for the purpose of sharing my love of working border collies. I do not have stud service or puppies available. Please contact me at smokinjbc@msn.com and I will be happy to share my recommended working breeders. If you are interested in teaching your dog to be a sheepdog in the Southern Nevada area, please feel free to contact me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mike and Brice

The picture above is Mike with his favorite lamb- born a few years ago and now one of our best ewes. On the right are that lamb's triplets from last season.

Mike and I work dogs together, trial together and support each other through the ups and downs.

Mike's main dog is Deltabluez Brice (Scott Glen's Pleat X Diane Pagel's Tess), a coming 4 year old male. Brice and Mike have gotten along great, both are very pushy and stubborn.

Brice has become a reliable helper, we trust him to bring sheep down the road to our practice area.

Mike is now also working my Nellie, they are learning to adjust to each other's working style. Nellie is learning to listen a little better, as Mike is not as much of a pushover as I am, and Mike is learning to adjust to a more sensitive dog. They are doing well and we hope to see Nellie join Brice at sheepdog trials.

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