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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Next Up! Smokin J Nellie

In the fall of 1999, I brought my good dog Rhett to Connie Simkin's Ace in Panaca, Nevada. Out of that litter, I got Smokin J Nellie, my next little cowdog.

Nellie's sire, Ace is a McCallum/Stimatze bred dog and one of the toughest cow dogs I know. Ace would hit both ends and could move an elephant. The below pic was taken, I believe, at the Ely Nevada's Best Trial series , possibly in 1998 or 1999.

Nellie takes after her sire.......

She will also hit both ends, but she is not quite as strong. However, what Nellie lacks in toughness, she makes up in heart. Nellie has a nickname of "Nellie the Elephant". Her heart is that big, and she has always given me 100% to any job asked of her. A plain working dog with little eye, Nellie always takes the direct approach to stockmanship. If the job has to get done, without fail and the stakes are high- Nellie is the dog for the job. Her direct approach may not always be pretty but she has a good head for what's needed and will never let you down.

Nellie shedding at Rancho Oso Wrangler Challenge in 2007, where she won the Sheep Overall buckle. As you can see, shedding is one of Nellie's favorite things...

Nellie ran in WCDA trials for several years, winning 2nd place in Started dogs in 2002 at the Nevada's Best 7J trial in Caliente, NV(dates may be slightly fuzzy) and one of our proudest moments was at the Nevada's Best Elko trial several years ago when she won 4th place and performed her finals run in a downpour, with the bottom half of the arena about 6 inches deep in water and mud. Nellie was in heaven, I was drenched but happy to see my enthusiastic dog spitting out mud and still giving her best effort.

Mike is now taking over Nellie, at 9 years old and after a tough illness last year, she has recovered 100% and is happy to be an experienced dog for Mike to work with at the Pro-Novice level.

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